Battery Cell Technology
for the Energy Transition
ReneSys ENERGY Inc. stands at the innovation frontier, mastering advanced battery cell manufacturing technology to secure a greener tomorrow.

Our signature "blueprinted copy-paste" engineered factory design ensures consistent and rapid global deployment, fostering the energy transition with locally manufactured products.
Advanced Battery cell technology & ESS for a sustainable future
Unique Modular
Vertically integrated manufacturing micro-plants and products
Eco - Friendly
Sustainable materials and solutions for a greener tomorrow
ESG & 6 Sigma Commitment
Green credentials and sustainable development focus
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Future in Focus
Silicone/Graphite Anode
Quasi-Solid-State Electrolytes
Cathode: Transition from LFP to LMFP
We're exploring a shift from lithium iron phosphate (LFP) to lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) technology to harness higher working voltages and pave the way for batteries with higher energy densities, free from critical elements like cobalt and nickel.
Advances in Anode Materials
Our research into Graphite and Silicon aims to dramatically increase energy storage capabilities. By merging the stability of graphite with the high capacity of silicon, we are working towards developing batteries that offer longer life and higher efficiency.
Quasi-Solid-State Electrolyte
We're moving towards Quasi Solid-State Electrolytes for safer, more efficient batteries. This advancement combines the high ionic conductivity of liquid electrolytes with the stability of solid forms to enhance both safety and performance in next-generation batteries.
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Innovation at Our Core
ReneSys ENERGY’s heart beat is innovation. Guided by a relentless pursuit of a sustainable future, our Research & Development team is committed to redefining the possibilities within battery technology.

Our R&D team is continuously investigating alternative cell technologies to break current limitations in the production of next-generation batteries.
Vertically Integrated Micro-Plants
Innovation and Quality Control
Facilitates rapid innovation and maintains consistent quality across the production process.
Enhanced Supply Chain Security
Ensures steady production by minimizing risks related to material shortages and logistics.
Sustainability & Environmental Control
Enables implementation of uniform environmental standards, promoting sustainable practices.
Cost Efficiency
Achieves economies of scale, reducing production costs and making ESS technologies more affordable.
Energy Storage Systems
Renewable Energy Integration
Enables more effective use of renewable sources by storing intermittent solar and wind energy for continuous power supply, critical for transitioning away from fossil fuels.
Carbon Emission Reduction
By optimizing the use of renewables and improving grid efficiency, our ESS significantly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy Independence
Supports energy independence by reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels, enhancing national security in the context of green energy transition.
Enhanced Safety and Reliability
LFP cells reduce the risk of thermal runaway and fires, enhancing the safety of our ESS in densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas, thus supporting green energy transition goals.
Josue Altomonte
With over two decades of experience in the infrastructure and power industry, Josue Altomonte has been instrumental in developing power assets across the globe. His tenure at Khouri Group was marked by his leadership in M&A energy infrastructure transactions and the strategic expansion of the company's energy division. He has worked alongside notable companies such as Genia, Neosia, and Photon Development, contributing to their growth in the energy sector through his expertise and strategic insights.
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& Green Credentials
ReneSys ENERGY is deeply committed to creating a sustainable future. Our modular battery manufacturing micro-plants are designed to support and drive the global green energy transition. By focusing on local solutions, we not only advance renewable energy but also build stronger, more resilient communities. Our approach supports local employment and reindustrialization via localized manufacturing.
Strategically positioning our plants near existing power infrastructures allows us to reduce environmental impact while optimizing energy integration. Our advanced “all-inclusive” Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a streamlined “plug and play” setup, minimizing carbon footprint and logistical challenges.
But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond technology. Our manufacturing processes are designed with the environment in mind. We employ eco-friendly materials for LFP battery components and integrate recycling throughout the product’s lifecycle.
At ReneSys we are focused on constantly integrating environmental, social and governance principles into our core values and operations and we directly contribute to the achievement of 6 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals
Support Ukraine
ReneSys ENERGY fully supports Ukraine and its people:
ReneSys ENERGY has pledged to support Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war on the 24th of February 2022. We provided assistance and support to local authorities, partners and NGOs and will continue to do so till the end of the unlawful invasion.
Slava Ukraini!
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