Research and Development
ReneSys ENERGY: 

Where engineering meets vision
We specialize in developing cutting-edge battery cell technology and solutions tailored for the energy sector. Designed for rapid deployment and local manufacturing, our focus is on creating a sustainable future through innovative energy storage.
Cathode Development:
from LFP to LMFP
Increase Voltage and Energy Density:
LMFP batteries offer higher voltage (3.7v vs 3.3v) and energy density due to manganese incorporation, enhancing their suitability for high-energy applications.
Enhance Cost-Effectiveness:
Manganese's abundance and affordability make LMFP batteries a more cost-effective choice compared to other high-energy battery chemistries.
Maintain Safety and Stability:
Despite their higher energy density, LMFP batteries preserve the safety, thermal stability, and longevity traits of LFP batteries, making them ideal for long-life applications such as stationary energy storage.
Anode Development:
Integrating Silicon
with Graphite
Enhance Energy Storage Capacity:
Leveraging silicon's high capacity to significantly increase the total energy storage of the battery.
Mitigate Volume Expansion:
Using graphite's structural integrity to buffer and accommodate silicon's volume changes during charge and discharge cycles, thereby enhancing longevity and performance.
Improve Electrical Conductivity:
Maintaining efficient electron transport within the anode material to ensure high performance across a range of applications.
Electrolyte Development:
Merge Benefits for Safety and Stability:
Quasi-solid-state electrolytes combine the advantages of liquid and solid electrolytes to enhance safety and stability.
Enable Compact, Powerful Batteries:
These electrolytes support more compact, powerful batteries by improving energy density and reducing risks like leakage and flammability.
Drive Innovation in Battery Technology:
This innovation is crucial for developing safer, more efficient batteries for future technologies.
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