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    Battery Technology
and Scalable

Enabling the Global Sustainable Energy Transition
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Simon Franck rejoint ReneSys en tant que CEO de ReneSys Energy France
Simon Franck rejoint ReneSys en tant que CEO de ReneSys Energy France
Simon Franck rejoint ReneSys en tant que CEO de ReneSys Energy France
Simon Franck rejoint ReneSys en tant que CEO de ReneSys Energy France
Battery Cell Technology and ESS
Unique Modular
Manufacturing Plants and Products
Sustainable Materials and Processes
Green energy and sustainable development transition
ReneSys ENERGY Inc
ReneSys ENERGY is a next-generation battery cell technology provider, driving the energy transition by deploying 'quick' and ‘capital light’ modular cutting-edge manufacturing facilities of Energy Storage Systems (ESS), providing countries with a localized supply of energy storage.Coming from the Power industry, the experienced management team saw the opportunity in 2017, to drive the renewable energy transition via Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and has spent years designing and developing a robust and innovative LiFePO4 battery technology, with strong sustainability characteristics, delivered by a ‘plug and play’ manufacturing system with system integration.With its deep relationships with customers, key EPC partners, and system integrators, ReneSys ENERGY has already de-risked its technology and has started the process of building its first factory. The company is well-positioned to bring its modular manufacturing process to countries around the world to support the energy transition.
About Company
Battery Cell Technology
Proprietary, high performance, Lithium-ion battery design to address various energy storage verticals.
Energy Transformation
Advancing the energy transition via modular cost-effective micro-manufacturing plants.
360 Environmental
Providing an innovative & environmentally-friendly battery technology.
and Development
ReneSys ENERGY works with leading research institutes and universities leading the EU research initiative “Battery 2030+,” to help achieve its objective of continuous improvement and innovation not only in cell chemistry but also in adaptive design cell packaging geometry, materials, and clever/creative vehicle integration. We are currently focused on traction cells for the electric vehicle market and energy storage cells for the renewable energy market.  In both cases, finding a resource alternative to costly, non-renewable Lithium is paramount.   We are experimenting with cell materials, chemistry, design, architecture, and recycling. We are also using artificial intelligence and nanotechnologies to give rise to self-diagnosing, self-healing, and self-cleaning cell elements, for greater durability, safety, and performance.
Sustainable Development
ReneSys ENERGY modular micro energy storage battery manufacturing plants are positioned to become the perfect local microgrid complement to enable the global green energy transition, being ideally suited for local economic development investments. Each plant can be operative in 12 months, capable of storing up to 2.5MWh and have an extremely low physical footprint due to installation proximity to existing power plants with direct on-site scalability. This is possible through a fully integrated Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that allows “plug and play” setup with limited construction and logistics requirements. In fact, the unique module production facilities’ design is replicable and expandable in a decentralized or localized format, which minimizes environmental impact in terms of negative externalities, also via locally or regionally sourcing most raw materials.  

Furthermore, each plant employs up to 270 local men, women, and young adults and generates zero toxic run-off or waste materials thanks to a full recycling process, designed from manufacturing to end-of-life, and the unique “aqueous coating” of the battery cells.  Finally, ReneSys ENERGY integrates ESG principales and criteria at its core by acting as a gateway to the green energy transition and to sustainable development, helping communities work toward and achieve the following six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Goal #1
Poverty Reduction
Goal #1
Poverty Reduction
Goal #1
Poverty Reduction
Goal #9
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Josue Altomonte
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Clark
Chief Financial Officer
Randy Bedsaul
Chief Operating Officer
Simone Baldi
Chief Strategy Officer
Massimo Mutti
Chief Product Officer
Nick Gusev
Chief Technology Officer
Jeremy Hill
Chief Construction Officer
Daniel Von Rechitar
VP, Business Development
Walter Coddington
Chief Marketing Officer
Steve DeLisle
Director Manufacturing Engineering
Marco Carboni
Lead battery Scientist
Sneha Malunavar
Senior Battery Scientists/Electrochemist
Andrey Kudinov
Battery Scientists/Industrial Chemist
Vladimir Obshansky
Engineering Design Lead
Ilia Slavine
Analyst/Market Research
Tanya Stelya
Analyst/Documentation Flow
Hanna F. Khouri
Partner/ Advisor
Combined over 14 years of construction experience on challenging projects around the world. Coordinated and produced winning proposals, prequalification packages, and presentations. Coordinated with subcontractors on proposal development and supported proposal managers and general marketing efforts.
Dr. Giacomo Ortolano
Partner (Italy)
He began his work career as one of the main operators in the electricity and natural gas market, and then moved on to consultancy with leading companies (including EY). With more than 15 years of experience in the "Greentech" sector. In 2017 he became President of a start-up company that develops a system for the production of energy from underwater waves (more than 10 million euros of private investments over the years) while in 2019 he becomes CEO of Widech.
Simon Franck
Partner (France)
A public law expert, has worked in the energy business, Weil Gothsald and Manges, being the advisor of several energy providers (ENI, Total). Works closely with the APE (Agence des participations de l’Etat), a French government agency that ensures the interest of the State in companies controlled or owned, majority or not, by the government.
Anand Janaswamy
Partner /Advisor
Anand is an Electrical Engineer and has led design and high volume product development in the semiconductor and renewable energy industries at various start-up and early-stage companies leveraging his deep expertise into successful existence in the past. Anand currently heads technology and operations at SD Renewables LLC.
Henry Ka
Partner /Advisor
Henry is based in USA & Asia with management experience in US public and private companies. Henry had spent many years in the solar industry in various executive capacities ranging from project, corporate, and technology acquisitions, project development, and project finance both in the US and abroad with companies like Renesys Energy, Photon Development, ET Capital, and Solar Power Inc., etc. and delivered well over $1 billion of renewable assets to utility companies and renewable energy asset funds.
Peter Irving
Partner /Advisor
The Vice President of Business Development at Suntuity Group. Peter has extensive experience in the sustainable and renewable sectors, including Utility-Scale, Commercial, and Residential Solutions, spanning the US and Emerging Markets.  Additionally, over more than 25+ period, Peter gained extensive experience and knowledge within the Big Box Retail Sector, including Home Depot, Technology (IoT), Property Management, and Construction industries.
Eric Kadyrov
Partner/ Advisor
Investment banker and entrepreneur and founder of Private Tech Network company. Holding both MBA from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in EE from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mr. Kadyrov worked as an engineer and executive with HP in charge of global partnerships, M&A, and strategy.  He worked in UHNW with leading investment banks UBS and Credit Suisse and specialized in Private Tech Markets. He managed multiple VC fund raises and global private placements in top tech firms.
Mickael Pietrus
Green Energy Ambassador
Partner /Advisor
Former NBA player,  Mickael has turned business entrepreneur and built a large real estate portfolio. Mickael's passion for a more sustainable world led him to invest in technology and development companies with a responsible social impact.
Support Ukraine
Renesys Energy has pledged to support Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war on the 24th of February 2022. We provided assistance and support to local authorities, partners and NGOs and will continue to do so till the end of the unlawful invasion.
Slava ukraini
strategic partners
Renesys ENERGY is a strong believer in strategic partnerships to:
Help manage investor and project risk
Deliver products that incorporate the latest and best in materials, processes, technology
Provide 24/7 local customer support.
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